Bluzelle’s Innovative Functionalities: curium wallet extension, nft storage, bluzelle oracles

Xclusively Tochi
2 min readAug 7, 2021


It is not news that Bluzelle keeps on outdoing itself each day by adding new features and functionalities to improve itself and satisfy the needs of its users. The team is always on its feet to make this happen. Below are some awesome innovations that Bluzellw users can enjoy.

BLZ Curium Wallet Extension

This is a wallet extension that is designed by the Bluzelle team to work on web browsers like Firefox, Brave and Google Chrome. The aim of the BLZ Curium Wallet Extension is to offer Bluzelle users an access to a Metamask-like experience. The use cases of this innovation are numerous. They can utilized in the staking process, Call of Data and much more. Those that use this wallet extension will enjoy massive use cases. Before this can work, Bluzelle has to get the needed approval from the Google Chrome Store and are going through the given verification process. When this is done, users will have access to intense use cases.

NFT Storage

It is not news that many people store their NFT files in centralized storage system which negate the purpose and underlying principle of decentralization. This is changing with the NFT storage system that Bluzelle offers. Users can easily store their NFT content and metadata seamlessly and securely. The storage system is highly secure compared to what is obtainable elsewhere. At the moment, the NFT storage system is currently being tested for the mainnet with premier NFT platforms like Mintable amongst others. With what is available, it is not surprising that this will be a hit with many.

Bluzelle Oracles

One can’t mention the incredible innovations of Bluzelle without adding its Oracles. There is a great demand for this service, as DeFi platforms need them to survive effectively. Oracles are access to the necessary data that these decentralized apps need to function seamlessly. The Bluzelle Oracles has incredible features like quick, pricing intervals, high-quality price data and topnotch security triggers The Bluzelle Oracles will solve the problems noticed in its rivals, offering decentralized apps access to both on chain and off chain data from the right sources. Adding the Bluzelle Oracles is improving the value that the Bluzelle ecosystem offers to the community users.


As time goes on, Bluzelle will add new features that will improve the lives of its community members and increase the value that it offers to others, including other ecosystems.

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