Weekly update from May 17th — 24th May

Dear CoinEx traders

It was a quiet week in crypto space after the bitcoin halving event. But that didn’t stop the CoinEx team from working and bringing up updates. Eddie Jiang was invited to speak in the prestigious Asia Crypto Summit, and it was a wonderful presentation. Below are some of the key updates

AryaCoin comes online

Coinex lists AryaCoin(AYA) to provide users with more safer trading options.Aryacoin is an easy-to-use cryptocurrency with a guarantee of users’ privacy. Its PoW and cryptographic hash make transaction verification available. And users who verify their transactions with computing power can get rewards. Aryacoin can be applied to both online exchanges and offline vendors without restrictions. With cryptographic signature support, users are able to send transactions to nodes directly, thereby ensuring their privacy and maintaining the integrity of data passed during the transactions.


Eddie Jiang speaks

Eddie Jiang, VP of CoinEx was honored to speak at the Crypto Asia Summit. His keynote speech was on “The Future of Exchange: from CEX to DEX”. Watch Eddie’s speech here.

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