CoinEx weekly update

Weekly update for May 3rd — May 10th

Dear CoinEx users

Like always, there are always activities to talk about in CoinEx ecosystem every week. Even the Covid-19 pandemic isn’t slowing the team down as team members seems to be working remotely to get things done. Below are some of what transpired in the CoinEx ecosystem the past week.

  • Coinexchain exceeds 300k addresses

Since it went live, there has been an overwhelming reception from the general public, and now over 300,000 addresses have been activated on the dex.


To provide users with various options to trade, some few coins were enlisted after being thoroughly scrutinized. Details below:

Nmc online

@Namecoin is an experimental open source technology that provides functions similar to #DNS service providers, with features of security, censorship resistance, privacy and speed.

Aya online

@AryacoinAYA is an easy-to-use crypto with a guarantee of users’ privacy. Users who verify their transactions with computing power can get rewards.

EMC online

EMERCOIN Blockchain uses EMC to provide various services. @emercoin_press is the top choice for secure and decentralized business operations in the public blockchain.

  • New CET utility

Just as it is for spot trading, Contract traders can now use CET for fees to enjoy 40% discount on trading fees. To enjoy this feature, all you need do is to deposit CET in your contract account. Check details.


The 10-day FREE borrow for your FIRST margin trade is still on. All users, old and new, do not have to pay for any interest of their first borrow for up to 10 days.

  • ABOUT CoinEx

CoinEx is a global cryptocurrency exchange platform where you trade cryptocurrencies in one simple and secured interface. Coinex provides a high speed, low cost and highly secured exchange experience.

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