The internet was just the first but not the last revolution of the world, in fact it cleared the path for a whole lot of other digital revolution that is setting in in the world today.

The emergence of internet created room for a lot of things such as the easy movement of information across the world.

Since then, the world has witnessed other digital revolution which has even rendered the traditional methods obsolete.
The advent of Bitcoin as a digital cash is another of these great technological advancement which is currently breaking grounds in the financial industry.

The use and adoption of the Ethereum Blockchain as a standpoint for development of Dapps (Decentralized apps), has given birth to a lot of Dapps in use today and has in turn improved the global economic system.

But it doesn't just end there, the Blockchain has to be brought to the global population in order to make its use and adoption to be effortless.

Well, that has become reality, through the inception of FUNCTION X


FUNCTION X is a Blockchain platform that has been developed for the advancement of the Blockchain industry.

It has decentralized every activity on its, making it safe and secure to use the Blockchain.

To help bring the Blockchain technology closer to the world, the Function X platform has also provided five major components all geared towards decentralizing every activity for users ranging from communication, website, data and every other digital services.
This will simplify the use of the Blockchain by virtually anybody, with ease and without complications.

Let's closely look at the Function X components.

This Blockchain system has developed a Blockchain based operating SYSTEM for android, with which it bases its Xphone.

It is meant to help the world leverage the benefits of the Blockchain and decentralization even in the telecommunication industry.

The Xphone which has been developed with the f(x) OS could me used to make calls, send messages and other files without depending on any central server.

Once the phone is registered on the Blockchain, the user can carry out any form of communication without interception by another party.

The Xphone won't be the last of the great achievements of the Function X operating system, rather it could also be adopted by other mobile phone companies to give their smartphones great design and usability.

f(x) Chain is seen as the Blockchain of the Function X platform, as it is a set of consensus algorithms developed based on the main Blockchain technology, to carry out activities such as the storage and verification of all kinds of transactions done on it.
It runs on the Practical Byzantine Fault Tolerance consensus mechanism.

This is is a decentralized protocol that is designed by f(x) for the safe storage and retrieval of data upon demand by users.

Anytime a user needs files stored on the IPFS network, the user identifies the file via the hash, and then the IPFS protocol sources for, and provides the required file to the user.

FXTP is a superior transmission protocol which allows for the transfer of information on the decentralized network.

It is far more safe and reliable than the HTTP used by the internet today, as it facilitates both the sending and receiving of information based on consensus.

The Decentralized Docker was designed by Function X, to serve as a computer program with which developers can create, run, store and send out decentralized applications.

So you see? FUNCTION X has everything covered.

On the FUNCTION X platform, a digital currency called the f(x) coin, has been developed for use on the system.

It is a utility token which will be used to make and receive payments by the different players on the system such as the service providers, developers, users, manufacturers and even financial institutions.

So the f(x) coin is the driving force of the FUNCTION X platform.


FUNCTION X is just the innovation in technology that the world has been waiting for, now it makes the Blockchain technology to be at the reach of anybody.

Once it is fully adopted by the world, we are set for an era of digital revolution.


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