Decentralized coomunication

Importance of decentralization in modern day communication network Through Status Network

Xclusively Tochi
3 min readSep 13, 2021

Centralization when it comes to its affiliation with technology, means that all operations and functionalities are being driven and directed by the government or a company, while decentralized tech is operated by a system of individuals or personnel which no authority can shutdown or control. Now due to CEO or governmental authorization being nulled in the sector of decentralized technology, communication or information flow has been provided with efficiency in the ecosystem.

For example, Status network, which is a group of programs supporting peer to peer technology, covers the basis of free communication, safe transactions and organizations.

Basically the point of decentralization surrounds the aspect of empowerment. The status network also works to facilitate this sector by ensuring communities with the means of governing, organizing and building economic and communication networks which will be absolutely free from authority watch or surveillance. They also work on creating a means of freedom for individuals who are willing to be independent financially and have their rightful authority and control.


The Status platform eliminates the unrefined infrastructure, communication and decentralization by offering aid in the following sectors


It has become a normal phenomenon that authorities shut down users’ accession to social media in order to put censorship on various reports about internal affairs. But with a peer to peer mechanism or system such as Status network, it is way too hard to apply any sort of traffic censorship.


Individuals in the society put their trust on governments and companies with their data, money and information in most cases, yes, in a particular it is the right thing to do but their certain cases where these trusts are vain such as products which were relied upon by users to backup specific photos, gets shut down for going out of business, This situations further intensifies the integration of decentralization which status network applies. In a fully structured decentralized platform, the elimination of trust to third parties or intermediaries done on Centralized mediums are applied.

Development services

This simply indicates that any individual can create and implement products, incredible tools and facilities on decentralized or community based networks, Unlike Centralized tech which deliberately limits development inclusions.

Being Open and community based doesn’t indicate that an organization or platform can’t generate revenue, Not at all. As more tools and facilities are being provided, more users are gaining interest as they desire control and business development.


Yes, In ways, decentralized Networks may be slow to improve, a bit expensive and so on, But there are simply a lot of reasons why centralized internet platforms such as Prodigy, could never compete with a community based network like The World Wide Web. Status network simply provides everything that is desired from a truly decentralized network which is reliability, open development schemes, Censorship elimination and so on. With the full integration of decentralized technology into communication networks, the ecosystem of user development services and empowerment will be amplified.