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Morpheus- Labs Network — Developments and Partnerships Made Recently By the Project.

Xclusively Tochi
5 min readNov 4, 2021

Morpheus- Labs Network — Developments and Partnerships Made Recently By the Project

Welcome Everyone to today’s article, which is going to be an immense detail on the recent Achievements, developments and accomplishments completed by the Morpheus Labs Network over the past few months. A clear definition on what Morpheus- Labs is about will be provided before delving into the rest of the article.

Morpheus- Labs Network is simply a BPaaS provider that offers various tools, architectures, chain network protocols, and chain network use- cases for developers & businesses to create and improve their individual applications efficiently, quickly and cheaply. The network has also put in place solutions which will provide developers the opportunity to take advantage of their projects and generate working solutions for different use- cases. Users can freely start developing on “MorpheusLabs SEED”. Details on their various Collabs and Achievements will be discussed below:


Huawei Cloud is basically a prominent cloud based service providing medium that integrates Huawei’s thirty+ years of professionalism in ICT achitecture products & solutions. They are dedicated to enabling a secure, cheap and reliable cloud based service inorder to support applications, obtain data power, and support the growth of different types of organizations in the digital ecosystem. This service providing medium is also dedicated to integrating affordable, reliable and well effective AI & cloud based services via the innovation of outstanding technology.

Morpheus- Lab on the 31st of March announced their integration of the SEED medium into Huawei based cloud. Even with the great benefits and merits that are known in the chain network technology, the Morpheus- Labs Network has pointed out 2 main issues that occur in the present chain network supported cloud based solutions:

Chain network- Cloud based Compatibility

The 1st issue is the functionality difficulties faced in the chain network when applied in cloud based apps caused by Functionality blockchain characteristics. With the SEED medium adopted by Huawei, Morpheus’ aims to solve blockchain issues and difficuly in cloud based compatibility by enabling a well unified Initiative for managing & governing chain Network resources. For example, Morpheus- Labs seed (BPaaS) is going to enable a vast array of services by granting customers chain network systems efficiently, like smart- contracts, transaction tracking data- base and so on.

Demands for chain network service- model

This is another type of issue faced in the ecosystem, which is chain network service- model formulation. The absence of effective and outstanding service- models a really bad phenomenon that brings down the implementation of the blockchain.

With the Seed medium adopted by Huawei, their aims are to enable the architecture that will fit the OnDemand Pay Functionality, where chain network technology is dealing with data trading when numerous chain networks are combined. Through the Seed medium, they plan to restructure the present models while looking for an outstanding service- model that’ll support both of the clouds. The adoption provides Seed medium users the ability to manage or direct nodes on SEED chain network OPs in the cloud of Huawei.

As the Morpheus- Labs medium works on initiating their 2nd unique capabilities (i.e multicloud), the platform wanted to face the issues via the description of SEED infrastructure inorder to simplify the administration of computing based resource from various providers of cloud in a similar manner.


By developing a multicloud infrastructure, individuals can efficiently pick the cloud to improve & implement their individual SEED resource, such as chain network node, applications and so on. With more than 3000 applications or softwares added to the Huawei market and offerings made from 13 thousand business collaborators, the tools & solutions placed on SEED medium will definitely be readily available on Huawei network market, with the aim of rapidly developing and deploying applications.

Huwaei has really made investments on the chain network scene especially in the Asian region during recent periods. Morpheus- lab’s prominent state along with their options, are the most unorthodox qualities that stand out. Therefore, it is a great opportunity for Huawei to really leverage and improve together with the Morpheus- Labs Network. Through the network, Huawei is fully positioned to geant offerings to worldwide firms who are interested in the integration of chain network system into their own inventory.


More Effective rules for Anti- Fund laundering along with averting terrorism financing, are what is demanded if the crypto finance is to receive chain network mass integration.

High- risk model & anonymity in the chain network industry has result in an optimized auditor & commercial institutional supervision. Firms that are affiliated with handling the crypto- currency are currently held responsible to have resilient AML functionalities and to authenticate the beneficiary or sender’s Identity, to make sure there are not activities of an illegal manner, such as laundering.

The platform released their BPaaS version 2.0 in the month of June, it was added with greatly optimized components & applications to simplify the developement & launch of chain Network solutions for enterprises. Morpheus- Labs with Shufti medium came together to grant business clients the chance to put down fraud, specifically where the eKYC & AML based service is necessarily demanded in the chain network space.

The platform’s SEED medium comes with a lot of advantages such as services for development facilitation on the chain network. Shufti’s Identity authentication and screening for AML is basically an additional service for Morpheus’ SEED medium. The platform makes themselves available to work with providers for solutions inorder to add more value to their offerings in the chain network space. They also see the possibilities of rapidly on-boarding numerous individuals in the bounty based campaigns.

The 2 platforms are well recognized for their very simplified & intuitive services. This collaboration will optimize the marketplace out- reach of the platforms.


Morpheus- Labs has really innovated a lot of development services & tools for all blockchain developers and businesses. They have recently made collaborations which are to exponentially grow their platform into a nest for thousands of individuals all over the digital space. As the platform sustains their growth, they’ll continue to provide powerful tools, scalable architecture for all developers & businesses in the digital world.

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