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Xclusively Tochi
3 min readSep 11, 2021


Seascape platform is basically a Ethereum refined and Substrate based Non Fungible token (NFT) gaming network which was also developed for DeFi sector adoption. Due to its refined dual blockchain network basis, incentives are granted to different individuals to participate or execute a variety of trading processes, NFT minting, trading and staking, while they continue to interact with their various gaming sections. The Seascape platform was also developed and managed by the team affiliated with the success of “Blocklords” A Strategy gaming sector which has reeled in a lot of attention with it’s release on multiple DApps (decentralized Applications). Seascape along with Substrate and Ethereum, is supported by CWS, which empowers the network to enable the gaming system to the digital finance network. Over the course of the article a few detailed features, tidbits and description of Seascape’s recently released decentralized exchange “SEADEX” will be highlighted.

SeaDex is basically Seascape’s recently developed decentralized exchange medium released on Polkadot, Kusuma and Moonriver network. By the way, Moonriver is simply a Kusama parachain which supports Ethereum based decentralized Applications (dapps) by enabling EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) Functionalities. SeaDex is quite new and first decentralized exchange on moonriver. Below is a detailed guide for new SeaDex operators in order to ease their interactions with the Moonriver ecosystem.


MOVR acquisition: First off, MOVR is Moonriver’s utility and native token which is highly important for every negotiation and transaction carried out on the platform. Users can efficiently obtain MOVR by exchanging it with USDT on mediums such as

Moonriver Addition to Wallet:

It is highly important for every user to add Moonriver into their wallets. Once that’s done, Users can connect to SeaDex. The Wallet utilized on Seascape platform is called “MetaMask” so it’s recommended that users choose this great alternative.

RIB acquisition:

This RIB or Riverboat token is the basically the 1st ERC-20 token launched in Kusama. This token will enable use-cases on the sector of gaming and Non Fungible token economies across the Seascape platform. SeaDex has granted users an option to make exchanges on both MOVR and RIB. Users need to obtain RIB cause they’ll be highly useful on the network’s games. Users can also gain LP tokens once liquidity addition on RIB and MOVR pools are done. This Lp token acquisition will be detailed:

Liquidity addition is almost similar to making exchanges. In order to add liquidity, users need to connect their wallet and access the liquidity option. Once this is done, users must put down the amount of liquidity they want to add, then MOVR and RIB LP tokens will be granted. Users can also stake these on the ongoing Profit circus till the 11th of September.

SeaDex is really proving that the amalgamation of Decentralized Finance and exchange in the Seascape network will reel in more users on the digital Finance market. With the Seascape network’s DeFI and NFT gaming, connections and consistent achievements, SeaDex is just another stepping stone for them into the Decentralized Finance Industry.

Originally published at on September 11, 2021.