The Emerging Defi And Gaming Projects On Matic Network

Matic network is dedicated to populating the decentralized finance ecosystem with a lot of DeFi projects and this can be seen in what it does.

We are going to look at the emerging DeFi projects that Matic Network has a stake in or partnered with.

WazirX, the largest exchange in India Launches its Automated Market Maker (AMM) DeFi Protocol on Matic Network

WazirX is owned by Binance, and it is involved in allowing its users to easily swap their digital assets without the issues that come with centralization. While they do the aforementioned, they can easily earn fees by offering liquidity.

WazirX decided to create its DeFi projects on Matic Network to solve the issues in the DeFi ecosystem. Matic solves this issue by offering fast speed and extremely cheap system.

What this partnership will offer users?

  • Users can easily exchange their pair swaps without having to worry about the bottlenecks that come with centralization.

Crypcade Onboards to Matic Network

A premium gaming and entertainment platform, Crypcade, partnered with Matic. This happened during the second day of the Gaming week held by Matic Network.

There’s a great chance that you may have heard of Crypcade. It is one that offers numerous games like skill-based gaming and luck-based gambling. Everyone is catered for in this gaming ecosystem, as there are numerous games on ground.

The game was working on TRON blockchain, but they decided to port over Matic Network with the aim of offering a great experience for their players.

The Matic token will work on this ecosystem.

CryptoAssault joins the Matic Ecosystem

If you are familiar with CryptoAssault, it is easy to tell that it is a strategy war MMO that comes bearing economic incentives.

Users or players navigate their battalion of soldiers through a large mass in a bid to garner territory. They will also mine resources, while fighting their opponents. This is done using a big 3D map. Every unit there is an NFT. Every one of them can come together in a bid to create bigger units to fight their opponents or carry out more tasks.

Based on the span of land that the player owns, he is given ETH. Matic is working with CryptoAssault to make its in-game transfer very easy and seamless.

Pirates 2048 joins the Matic Ecosystem

Pirates 2048 decided to onboard on the Matic Network during the Gaming Week. This game takes the outlook of a land that has been ravaged by world war three and intense climate change. It showed an earth that has been destroyed to a mere nuclear wasteland and open sea. This is a multiplayer pirate ship battle game.

Every user or player will be in charge of a pirate ship and is expected to stay afloat on the sea, while they tackle their opponents.

Once a gamer destroys a ship, he or she is rewarded with fifty points and 0.005 ETH. This game will be powered by the Matic Network, thereby allowing uses to bask in a seamless gameplay experience.

Matic and EasyFi Join Forces to Power Low-Cost DeFi Transactions on Ethereum

EasyFi launched a universal Layer 2 DeFi lending protocol that digital assets can utilize on the Ethereum ecosystem. This platform uses the solid codebase of Compound and is powered by Matic Network.

It is dedicated to offering users an affordable and quick means of carrying out decentralized finance transaction. Below are some major features on this platform.

  • Secured (Collateralized) Loans

The approach used in this ecosystem is focused on the community as a whole. EasyFi intends to give the protocol to the users of the community, allowing the community to decide what should happen. This will happen through its up-to-date governance modules.

Ethereum Push Notification Service (EPNS) Will Utilize Matic Network for Optimization and Scalability

It’s not news that Matric Network is a guru in scalability and optimization. As a decentralized finance protocol that is dedicated to sending users activity log on Ethereum to their browsers, wallets and even their phone, Ethereum Push Notification Service saw the need to be powered by Matic Network.

Below are important features of the Ethereum Push Notification service:

  • Messages from DApps

Ushering flexibility to the users of the decentralized application, as well as wallets is something that the EPNSProject prides itself with.

The partnership with Matic Network will improve the performance of EPNS, thereby making it quite easy to take care of its numerous users.

MahaDAO is Building Indian DeFi Stablecoin on Matic

MahaDAO is dedicated to ensuring that crypto, blockchain and decentralized finance becomes widely adopted in India. This platform will create the first ever stablecoin in India called, ARTH. This is a stablecoin that will be backed by the other USD stablecoins in existence such as TUSD, USDT, and so on. This stablecoin ticks the boxes of decentralization and will be governed by MahaDAO.

MahaDAO will create their affordable and highly performing infrastructure on the Matic Network.

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