Update on Bluzelle Production Mainnet

Dear community, we would like to provide a quick update on where we are with Mainnet and others:

📌Web wallet is fully completed with better UI (withdrawal of BLZ tokens will be open only on Mainnet)

📌Network upgrade strategy is in place. During the transition, only network validators need to be involved. Delegators who participate in staking on soft mainnet would not need to withdraw or unstake your BLZ tokens. That will ease out the whole process and all your tokens and staking status will be brought forward to the mainnet.

📌Internal testing for network upgrade is ongoing. We are working closely with Cosmos team to iron out some bugs that can impact the mainnet operation

📌The team has also decided to standardize the name of tokens on mainnet so it won’t be confused with other existing projects. Going forward, we will name our ERC20 token & Native token as “ERC20 BLZ” & “BLZ”, instead of “BLZ” & “BNT”. Currently, we are tracking down the path to update the naming in every place.

Furthermore, we are working on the Bluzelle Oracles despite our aggressive mainnet roadmap:

🔜PoC of the Oracles is near to completion and undergoing internal testing

🔜We are getting ready with integration with existing defi partners

🔜Our Oracles have gained good tractions, especially in the Polkadot ecosystem. Many more partnerships are signed or in talk. We will announce the next batch very soon

To address any of your questions regarding business and technical development, we would like to host a community AMA in this Telegram group this week. Details as below:

📅Date & Time:
Thursday 29th October UTC 1PM | SGT 9PM

Pavel Bains, CEO of Bluzelle



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