Why gaming dapps are deploying on layer-2 network especially Matic network

If we are to see the aforementioned happen before our eyes, there is the increasing need for the creation of a high-performance infrastructure. Matic Network is trying to ensure that this happens. We will look at Layer 2 network and look at how one, Matic Network, is attracting games like bees to a hive.

The truth is that it has not been quite easy crafting out attractive blockchain-powered games that can be used by everyone. This has been a big issue for developers. Developers have to worry about how high the transaction fees are, as well as how sluggish the transaction time is. In the end, users would be groaning because of the poor experience they encountered on the game.

When developers churn out these games that are plagued with one issue or the other, users will ignore them. This is because users have fallen in love with a streamlined, intuitive gaming experience. Why should they drop their awesome games for blockchain games that are filled with one technical issue or the other.

Matic Network is one of the solutions that have been crested to offer a seamless blockchain gaming experience.

There are a lot of Layer 2 scaling solutions in existence at the moment, but it seems like Matic Network is leading the pack of wolves at the moment. This can be seen in how widely adopted it is by top blockchain games. Currently, there are close to a hundred decentralized apps that are currently building on the network or thinking of doing so. This development has shot Matic to be ranked in the top twenty highly adopted blockchain platforms.

Below are important reasons gaming dApps are currently onboarding on Layer 2 networks like Matic Network:

1. Instantaneous blockchain transactions that have two seconds as their block times.

2. Their transactions are more affordable than what’s currently obtainable. At the moment, the fees are less than 1/1000th of the fees on the Ethereum mainchain.

3. One thing that developers love is a network that offers constant technical support when needed. Matic Network currently offers an unparalleled technical support.

Those gaming dApps that are already being hosted on Ethereum can easily migrate without hiccups. Matic Network also offers intense assistance to those gaming decentralized apps that will be migrating from any other blockchain out there.

4. Developers that host their game on a layer-2 network like Matic Network will easily have access to a great deal of tools that can be used to their advantage.

5. Currently, a layer-2 network like Matic network is currently hosting developer support programs such as DeFi incubator, Build-n-Earn incentive program, and DSP.

Numerous blockchain game developers have seen the need to use Layer-2 network and can’t get enough of it, especially Matic Network.

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